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  • Kansas City, MO, USA
  • Full Time

To daily clean and sanitize all assigned occupied and vacant guest rooms in accordance with hotel policies and procedures.

1. Attends pre-shift on time.
2. Picks up assignment board and signs out required floor keys.
3. Reports to assigned floor. Checks cart and closet for proper supplies and informs Supervisor of depleted supplies.
4. Checks for rooms requesting early cleaning and handles these first.
5. Announces presence by knocking on guest room doors; returns at a later time to clean occupied rooms.
6. Upon proper entry procedures, begins the cleaning of a minimum of 18 guest rooms.

8. Thoroughly cleans and sanitizes toilet, floor, vanity, bath and shower.
9. Polishes stainless steel and chrome.
10. Dries and cleans shower curtain.
11. Cleans mirror.
12. Restocks and folds toilet tissue and Kleenex.
13. Restocks amenity tray and replenishes glassware, bath linen and soap as needed.
14. Reports mechanical or maintenance problems to Housekeeping supervisor.

                PARLOR AND BEDROOM:
15. Using military method, makes bed, changing all sheets, pillow cases and pads.
16. Checks blankets and bedspreads for cleanliness
17. Dusts all furniture, including television set, headboards, picture frames, and lamps including bulbs.
18. Checks under all beds and furniture cushions for debris.
19. Checks all upholstery, drapes and wallpaper for stains and wear.
20. Checks all light bulbs to be sure they are in working order and of correct wattage.
21. Checks closet area for cleanliness and correct quantities of hangers and valet supplies.
22. Checks to ensure all required literature is in place and in good condition/
23. Checks windows for cleanliness.
24. Thoroughly vacuums, checking carpet for wear and cleanliness.
25. Removes trash, newspapers, etc. to housekeeping cart.
26. Conducts a final walk-around to assure that room meets hotel housekeeping standards.
27. Reports to Housekeeping any engineering or maintenance problems.
28. Bags, tags and turns into Housekeeping any lost and found items.

29. Restocks cart upon completion of assignment with supplies sufficient for next shift.
30. Organizes and cleans linen closet.
31. Turns in assignment board and key at end of shift.
32. Trained in safe use of all equipment and cleaning supplies.
33. If linen supply is depleted on your floor, proceed to next floor up or down to secure supplies in order to complete rooms.
34. Takes A.M. and P.M. room status reports.
35. Using video check-out, check-out guest in departures.
36. Other duties as assigned by management.

1. Physical strength and dexterity to operate necessary machinery and perform all required cleaning duties; jobs may require frequent bending.
2. Neat appearance to represent hotel positively with guests.
3. Friendly demeanor in order to interact positively with hotel guests.
4. Ability to read any special instructions and to understand labels on cleaning products.
5. Previous experience desirable but not required.

Kansas City Marriott Downtown
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