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  • - Kitchen - Division Head
  • Kansas City, MO, USA
  • Seasonal

Has the ability to carry out the major functions of the Restaurant Kitchen or Banquets Kitchen including such tasks as opening the station in the am, closing in the pm and assisting in any capacity throughout the day as needed. Set an example for less skilled associates.

• Completely understands and has the ability to teach/explain culinary weights and measurements; liquid ounces vs. dry, measurement equivalents and conversions back and forth.
• Completely versed and understands all food items; proteins, vegetables, herbs, starches, seasonings and spices and the impact of heat or cold on any of these items.
• Excellent knife skills: boning, carving, precision chopping, slicing.
• Demonstrate various cuts properly: julienne, dice, brunoised, baton etc.
• Completely versed in proper and safe handling of various kitchen equipment: VCM, ovens, tilt skillet, fryers, robot coupe, broiler and large mixers
• Reads, and have a comprehensive definition of the food, wine and culinary terms to understand the recipes. Able to amend and adapt recipes to greater or lesser volume. Help devise systems to make production more efficient.
• Has the ability to alter or substitute ingredients where necessary. Can resolve a recipe problem and determine what went wrong when it might occur.
• Demonstrates superior skills of roasting, baking frying, sautéing, steaming, broiling and braising.
• Ability to name and describe the preparation of the 5 "mother" sauces.
• Ability properly clean, trim and butcher a beef tenderloin, whole salmon, beef strip loin and lamb rack
• Completely understands meat cookery and doneness temperatures. Understands the effect of heat at different degrees on meat cookery.
• Is knowledgeable about food safety and sanitation procedures. Will set an example for others in food safety.
• Understands food cost and the impact various costs have on the profitability of the operation.
• Understands basic food purchasing and procedures: can recognize various food items that should be rejected and the methods for food rotation.
• Able to train other cooks who join the Marriott Staff. Be an integral part of interdepartmental relations to help with teamwork.
• Have sense of urgency and perform all the tasks on a timely manner
• Can work under pressure and manage time appropriately
• Able to multitask and communicate with team members

• At least 5-10 years of full-time culinary work in a full service (not fast food) kitchen preparing food from scratch. (Actual duties assigned may vary according to amount of previous training, experience, and ability.)
• Enough strength and dexterity to handle heavy pots and pans and to operate kitchen equipment. Ability to lift 50 or more lbs.
• Must have a Food handlers card provided by the Health Department in Missouri, this will be a proof of their food safety and sanitation knowledge
• Must get the Serv Safe accreditation during the first 6 months of employment
• Cooperative attitude in performing a variety of tasks as assigned.

 Hot, humid conditions in kitchen.
 Danger of burns from stoves or hot liquids.
 Slick floors – Prone to slips and falls
 Sharp and dangerous equipment; caution should always be observed.

Kansas City Marriott Downtown
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