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This is a highly visible role designed to give the Kansas City Marriott Downtown a competitive edge in the convention market as well as attaining our goal of being the best Downtown Convention Marriott in the nation.
This associate is well versed in the specific "Gold Keys" of event satisfaction for each group. This associate is responsible for bringing to life an enhanced level of service that is, "My Pleasure" to provide.
This associate provides the client contact and selected guests with pleasant little amenities and special moments of magic above and beyond the normal and routine. This person assists their respective event planners with the details of their groups.

1. Responsible for making sure meeting rooms are opened and ready for clients.
2. Checks all meeting room set up details and that all rooms are show room ready.
3. Manages the Event Red Coat Direct App.
4. Regularly uses an Event phone/radio
5. Liaison between client and other departments within the hotel.
6. Responsible for making door cards and writing shift reports
7. Creates delighter ideas to give to clients.
8. Goes to BEO/Pre Conference meetings to understand the meetings needs each day.

1. Dynamic Personality. Inherent need to be of service to others. Able to fully execute Marriott standards of Brilliant Hosting.
2. 1 or more years of previous customer service experience, preferably in a quality hotel property.
3. Excellent Communication Skills via phone, email or verbally. In every meeting planner interaction Thoughtful, Dynamic, and Polished at all times.
4. Knowledge of all Hotel Services and Hours of Operation.
5. Ability to satisfactorily communicate in English with guests, management, staff, and co¬ workers, to their understanding.
6. Ability to provide legible, written communication.
7. Ability to compute basic mathematical calculations.
8. Knowledge of effective office and time management organizational practices.
9. Ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

1. Previous experience as a concierge in a four-diamond property.

1. Ability to develop strong, productive, professional relationships with client contacts.
2. Ability to ensure compliance with hotel standards, policies and procedures for self and the staff.
3. Ability to work without direct supervision and provide immediate follow-up. Ability to plan, prioritize and organize work assignments for self and the event managers you support
4. Ability to be a clear thinker analyzes and resolves problems, and exercise good judgment
when event manager is not available to you.
5. Ability to focus attention on details. Ability to create read a Banquet Event Order (BEO) as well as read between the lines of a BEO to ensure all items listed or needed/anticipated are provided
6. Billing – Ability to follow through of groups assigned from first contract.
7. Ability to exert physical effort in assisting with all calls, directional or tight room turns as needed.
8. Ability to endure abundant physical movements in the carrying out of job duties.
9. Ability to ensure security and confidentiality of guest and hotel information and materials.
10. Ability to practice detailed standardized accounting procedures to protect the assets of the
11. Ability to become proficient with Microsoft Office and Cl/TY Computer systems.

1. To Become A Vital and Brilliant Part of the Total Experience.
2. Assist Delivering Three Steps of Personalized Service to Event Guests
3. Develop Close Professional Relationships with Group Contacts and Exceed Expectations Through the Delivery of Extra Special "Making Moments Brilliant" to Client Contacts and Select Guests.
4. Assist Communicating Planning Meeting Sites to Ensure All Function Space and Related Public Space is Always Kept Clean and "Show Ready".
5. Ensure the Timely, Accurate, Complete Communication for assisting Delivery of all Events. To be a champion for "Problem Resolution".
6. Assist Generating Useful Historical Information for Post-Cons and Use in Future Events.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Kansas City Marriott Downtown


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