Kansas City Marriott Downtown

Learn why our associates choose to call the Kansas City Marriott Downtown home!


"Marriott is the best company in the world for hospitality. This business has great benefits, which is why I have been here 6 years. They have really nice PTO, health insurance, 401(k) and other special benefits for their employees." - Juan Carlos Galvez, Barista 

"Everyone here is friendly, welcoming and willing to help everyone out whenever needed.  I always feel supported and everyone works as a team here." - Laney Greeley, Accounting Manager 


 "We do things here that no one does anywhere else. Based on our size and based on our location, we get to work with groups that don't go other places. Sometimes they are high profile and sometimes they are just unique and different. I work here because you don't do those things anywhere else in town." - DeAnna Schulz, Director of Event Management 

"It's the different people I meet every day.  I love helping people and it's just a fun place to work.  I enjoy coming in to work every day." - Alex Mora, Human Resources Coordinator 



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